Emergency Services Rescue Training, Inc. (ESRT Inc.) is a nonprofit company headquartered in Pennsylvania. Our mission is to develop and deliver agricultural safety and health programs and agricultural emergency response training across the United States and Canada.

We specialize in providing quality training opportunities for:
      • emergency and rescue teams
      • farm and agricultural industry owners, managers & employees
      • farm families (all ages)

ESRT Training

ESRT has been awarded a MIOSHA CET Grant for the 2020/2021 grant cycle.

The following classes will be offered:

  • Classroom:
    • Grain Bin Awareness
    • Basic Strategies for Farm Emergencies - Awareness
    • Managing Farm Tractor and Machinery Emergencies (Operational)

  • Online:
    • Farm Tractor & Machinery Emergencies - Awareness
    • Confined Spaces/Toxic Gasses - Awareness
    • Basic Strategies for Farm Emergencies - Awareness

Classes will be scheduled as open-enrollment classes.  Classes will begin in January.  Registration will be opened as soon as classes are scheduled.

 Class flyer.

Upcoming Classes

There are no upcoming events.
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  • Grain Conditioning & Management
  • Monitors and air quality safety
  • Government regulations: OSHA, DOT, FDA, EPA laws and updates
  • Bin design and safety
  • History of storage systems and why number of incidents are rising
  • Dryer & bin fires
  • Dust explosions
  • Fall Restraint / Fall Arrest / Work Positioning / Fall Protection
  • Effective anchor points and lifeline components
  • Selecting & inspecting harnesses
  • What should your Emergency Action Plan look like and how should you test it?
  • First on the Scene of a Farm or Workplace Emergency
  • CPR & Emergency First Aid Care for Farmers
  • Developing a Safety & Health Management Plan
  • Developing a farm or agricultural confined space program
  • Invisible Dangers on the Farm
  • Tractor & Machinery Operation Certification Training

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